About Nathan

I have been into photography for a few years now. It all started from a love of remote controlled cars. Having a collection of around 6 cars I was looking for something else, then DJI announced the Mavic Pro.....I had to have it.

I bought one from the local hobby store and instantly fell in love with capturing sunsets and beautiful vistas of my local area. I was hooked and wanted more.

I looked at the hand held camera market and not knowing enough was overwhelmed by all the different cameras and the huge cost differences in the cameras. After a ton of research I just bought what I could afford and purchased a Cannon 200D with kit lens. It was probably the best thing I had bought in a long time. Shooting up and down the Illawarra coast and any other point of interest became the only thing I wanted to do with my spare time.

Unfortunately my trusty 200D met with an unfortunate accident and was retired early. Shooting a sunrise at Cathedral Rocks one morning, a lapse in attention saw my camera topple into the ocean. The deed was done, the camera was dead.

A sad few weeks followed, I couldn't shoot and was having withdrawals. I was left with a tough decision. I could replace the 200D and get my fix, or try and kick it up a gear and move to the full frame world at an enthusiast level. I decided to go all in. I sold all but one of my RC cars, the remaining Cannon gear that didn't end up in the drink and my beloved Mavic Pro to raise enough money to buy the Sony A7iii and the 16-35mm f4.

The Sony was a whole new world and I haven't looked back.  I love to visit new places and capture what I see.  I love to visit old places and capture what I missed last time i was there.

I hope you enjoy looking through my work.....if you find that special something that catches your eye, drop it in the cart, make the purchase and you can join me on the adventure.